Derawan Archipelago surrounded by some of the magnificent dive spots in East Borneo. It is home to the most vary Pelagic Marine Life, notably the biggest schooling barracuda, manta, whale shark, and thresher shark. The reef varies from slopes, wall, covered with soft and hard coral. Diving in Maratua Island is breathtaking and truly unforgettable for scuba divers as the island host one of the most unique dive sites in Indonesia.

Hard and soft corals compete for space on reefs that are bursting with life and color. The beauty of this region lies in its diversity. The dive spots and marine life vary from island to island and we recommend every visitor dive at least a few of them in order to fully experience what Derawan Archipelago has to offer.
Big Fish Country
Located on the north part of Maratua Island, Big Fish Country or so-called Channel is one of the highlight of Diving in Derawan Archipelago. Dive thisworld famous Big Fish Country and witness the biggest Schooling Barracuda Tornado among many other marine life such as Oceanic Black-tip Sharks, Jack Fish, Surgeonalong with dense colorful coral.

Min. Certification : AOWD
Turtle Traffic
A short boat ride from Green Nirvana Maratua Resort this dive site are abundance with Green and Hawksbill Sea Turtle especially during low tide when they are spotted sleeping under crevice and table coral. If you can count the turtles on a single dive then it is not a normal dive.

Min. Certification : OW
Kelapa Dua – Kakaban
A relatively new site in Kakaban Island, this area is a home to the elusive Thresher Sharks where they are often spotted cleaning their body early in the morning. The contour of the dive site is a steep wall which are bursting with colorful coral and sea fan absolutely stunning. Due to the depth of where the Thresher Shark sometime is an Advance Open Water with Deep Dive specialty are a must. Worry not Open Water Scuba diver are always welcome to enjoy the colorful wall on the surface to 18 meter below.

Min. Certification : AOWD
Barracuda Point – Kakaban
Another highlight of diving in Derawan Archipelago. This dive site offer a variety of pelagic marine life from Schooling Jackfish, Barracuda, Sharks, Eagle Rays, and even Mobula Rays. Advance Open Water Scuba Diver are recommended to enter this site due to the current it presents. Worry not this current resulting a healthy and abundance of marine and coral life that diver could enjoy.

Min. Certification : AOWD
Manta Run – Sangalaki
A small island half an hour from Green Nirvana Maratua Resort this area are rich with plankton which attract the majestic Manta Rays to come and feed on the surface. Some manta rays were also spotted to come to a cleaning station located on the same area.

Min. Certification : OW
Whale Shark Bagan – Talisayan/Derawan
Depending on the season and moon cycle, whale shark are often spotted feeding on nearby fisherman platform on the shallow area. Whaleshark comes often at midnight whenever the nearby fisherman fish start fishing using bright lights to attract fishes and squids. Plankton also attracted to this bright light which then is Whalesharks favorite food. Diver are able to dive with this gentle giant however, keep in mind to always keep a distance at least 3 meter away especially from their tail.

(Note :Whalesharks will NOT present during Full Moon)